Catching Stones

He waited nervously for news. On the computer screen, a character dressed in white robes threw stones at a crying woman. Senton shuddered.

A shadow darkened the doorway. The boy looked up. A man in black stared at him. The man sneered and heaved a perfectly round stone into the room.

Time seemed to slow as Senton watched it whiz toward him. It wouldn’t hit him – but it would hit his father’s computer! As the stone passed over his shoulder, Senton was turning to stop it.

He reached out his hand and leaped after it. He couldn’t let it smash his father’s prized possession. Too late he realized both he and the stone would crash into the monitor. His father would be furious.

Senton watched wide-eyed as the stone passed through the screen. Hand still outstretched, his fingers followed. Colors swirled. He spun fast – or the world spun around him?

He came to his feet a few seconds later in a dusty street. A few feet away, a white-robed man threw stones at a woman. The woman knelt on the ground, crying.

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