One Seventy Nine

These few words could be the last we ever speak.

You’ll want to find a cop’s uniform. Try the park or the stadium, anywhere that the fighting got bad. Carry it with you, but hidden down deep.

Pack fast and pack light. You’re going to do it wrong; you’re going to grab things you’ll never need and leave the essentials behind. Everyone does. So just take the things that make you happy to carry along. Red lipstick. Loose ginger tea. Catnip for the strays along the way.

Bad news travels like wildfire, but even fire gets confused along the way. Anywhere they tell you is hot will be mopped up by the time you get there. Run from one column of black smoke to the next like a telegraph message humming from pole to pole.

Don’t remember any names and don’t forget any of your dreams.

I’ll come to you in the future, but only in pictures.

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