The Cadillac

I was driving on the freeway today when I noticed a man hanging out next to his old, beaten-to-hell Cadillac on the shoulder. Nothing new to me; everyone has an old car that breaks down these days. In fact, I was actually off to fix my own piece of shit. That sucks, I thought, and with that I forgot about the guy and his car.

After I finally fixed my car after four hours of bullshit, I was surprised to see the man and his car, still on the side of the freeway by my place. I drove by for a second time that day.

At about two in the morning, I was coming home from a friend’s house when I saw the damned car again, right where the guy left it. I immediately noticed that the cabin light was on, and before I even knew what I was doing I was already on the side of the road, approaching the man, who was indeed in his car.

Tonight I met a man who had nothing. His wife left him and took everything, except of course for his Caddy. It wasn’t broken down or anything, he told me that he just wanted someone to talk to.

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