Running Through the Cosmos

Stardust, used gift wrapping, and broken dreams littered the sleigh’s path. I have to catch up to him. She stood on the crust of a broken meteor and braced herself. She leapt onto a gingerbread man, then a satin red ornament ball. Despite their appearances, each step was the exactly the same, a solid platform that was impossible to slip on.

She eventually came to a hovering platform and waited for it to lower before getting on. It rose back up, and she dropped to the other side where the debris was attached. There wasn’t any more time, she ran.

Her target loomed in the distance. Soon.

Reaching the sleigh, she grabbed the edge, scrambling to get her body onto the plush red seats. She panted, trying to catch her breath. She stood up after composing herself and hopped up and down thrice before getting back onto the path of debris.

The fat man in red swiveled around to stare into her eyes. She stared back until the sleigh plummeted too far to see anything else.

She made the long trek back to the meteor.

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