Adopted(the let down)

Steven got news he would be going to meet his long lost brother. Every day he told friends how he was thrown in a trash can by his own mom when he was months old. Luckily for him, a caravan of Canadians stopped, hearing him cry, took him home. He grew up with six brothers and sisters. At the age of sixteen, his parents told him they found him in a blanket with his birth certificate and a note. It was all they needed to make him their son. Steven was so happy. All anguish aside, he took the trip to America, as he thought this could reveal reasoning behind his past. He was greeted with hugs from two other siblings and his mom. After hours of talking, disbelief filled his heart, confusion filled the air, “was a joke?” he thought. Just then, their father moved in closer resting his arm on his shoulder he told Steven in a careless tone
“It wasn’t yo ma who threw ya in the trash it was I. You wasn’t black.”
Alienated-confused- he was crushed once more.
He headed home somber atleast he had answers.

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