Adam and Eve [Disturbing Challenge]

There are so many kinds of people in the world, but for Adam, it came down to two kinds: those who weren’t Eve and those who were. Eve was the only person in the world who mattered to Adam. She was smart and funny and so much more than he deserved…but she was his.

He waited for her to get home that night, sitting in her living room and breathing in the scent of her. She was so perfect and he was so flawed…but she was his. She breezed through the door and when she saw Adam, she dropped her bag in shock. Adam smiled, knowing he had gotten her. When he embraced her, she shivered and Adam smiled at how responsive she was to his touch.

He turned her around and unzipped her dress, pressing hard into her back by her liver. He slid into her and she gasped. He felt her: warm and dripping around him. His mouth watered and he kissed her neck as her head lolled to the side. She grew cold in his arms as he grew warm with her love. Then he pulled out his knife and smiled. She was beautiful and dead…and she was his.

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