A Work Perk

It was loneliness that finally drove him to do it. Well loneliness and opportunity. He had been a driver for a long time. Most of the time his passengers were the elderly or the morbidly obese. Only three times in five years had he picked up anyone under the age of thirty.

Tonight’s passenger was a twenty-two year old female. Dark wavy hair framed an oval face that was smooth and blemish free. Lips like hers were made for kissing.

“Tonight is one strange night, eh?” He joked. His voice sounded loud in the van somehow drowning out the roar of the freeway.

There was no response from the girl.

The drive went by quickly and before he knew it, he was alone in the room with her.

His mind raced as he undressed her. Should he do it? It wouldn’t take very long and if he was thorough, no one would ever know. A body like that was much too good to waste. As he pulled her jean skirt off her, he felt a throb of desire that drove away all possible repurcussions. Mind made up, he slowly lowered himself into the corpse.

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