Scarlett in the Study with Righteous Anger I

“Why did you not tell me that my mother was here?!” Josephine Scarlett storms in, furious as John Boddy has ever seen her.

“My mother and uncle loved Patricia, of course I invited her. Besides, this silly estrangement can be fixed before the papers find out.”

“You-How dare you? No, she was the one that started it. She sent me away to go gallivanting with that Zaffer man! When he died, she found Sir Peacock. She’s not loyal. When I hear from her, she tells me that my career will fail, worse than hers. Tell me, why make up with her?”

“Good publicity. I have invested quite a bit of money into your future.” He strode out into the hall, intent on finding a maid. “Find Mrs. Peacock, tell her to come to my study.”

Josephine spluttered behind him. “I haven’t agreed to this!”

“Fine, don’t make up with her. Pretend, play charades. I will get my money back and there is only one way for you to pay me as of now.” His hand caresses up her arm, to the nape of her neck.

She glares at him. “I’ll talk to her.”

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