Scarlett in the Study with Righteous Anger II

He exhales in her ear, “Are you sure?”

“I’m sure, go away.” He backs off and walks away. She returns to the study and the door opens minutes later. “John, what- Josie?”

“Mother.” She stiffens in her chair as Patricia scrutinizes her.

“You were gorgeous in that movie,” she murmurs. “I was proud of you but now, now I can see that it was just the makeup.”

The mounted animal heads stare back. “Why? Why am I never good enough for you?”

“Children who go without love, are unwanted, will never be good enough for anyone.” A thousand snide comments flood her mind. She’s heard it before.

Then she realizes and the smile that splits her face is strange, and terrible. Alluring. She swipes the candlestick off the table, flame going out. She stings her mother’s cheek with the still-hot wick, and wields the stand as a blunt object. The resentment is branded into Patricia’s skull with every strike.

The blood blends with the burgundy. John comes back and it happens again, but cleaner.

She wonders where the maid went.

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