Battle for life

Dear Penelope,
After mother passed away they brought us together to this shelter. You have been adopted. I have not. They scheduled my death, 3.2. this year. I will not die, I promise.

3.3 Yesterday they had me in a chamber-ten others. Suddenly clouds of mist filled the air. The others fell asleep as I lay there. I was thinking of great times we had with mama. I miss her so much. I vowed if I got adopted, I would find a mama like ours. Nurses were in disbelief. HA HA!

3.16 Today is my last day they said! They told me I WILL DIE. I awoke in a plastic bag SO COLD. Hearing a door open, I felt as if I could breath again. They opened the sack. I could barely move. I enjoyed the warmth of humans touching me.

4.3 You won’t believe it, They found me a home. When they told my new mama about how I survived two euthanasia, she felt strong connection with me. She survived cancer twice. It is a sign Penelope! MAMA had cancer but did passed on. My new mama promises me she will never die! Our mama would be pleased.

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