Here's to Ficly!

What can I say about you?
You, who once were Ficlets,
Saved me from, well, myself,
The self-loathing, uncommunicative, shy girl I once was.

You taught me how to express myself,
In front of strangers who turned to friends,
The ones I still have today.
These talented, creative people who listened when no one other would.

We bonded, formed a family of sorts.
People from everywhere on the earth,
Different backgrounds, different personalities,
Strengths and weaknesses.
Building up one another, never tearing apart.

I hope new ones will know the support that we give each other,
and become part of our family,
We love to critique, inspire, fortify one another,
and I hope they feel that love.

No matter how busy I get,
How I grow older,
How much is on my mind,
I have this site, and these people to express myself to.
Thank you to all you creative ones, my friends, my family.

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