Try to Look Busy

I’m you. The subconscious part, the part of you that does all the real work of being you, the part you never think about.

I keep your heart beating. I shape the muscles of your mouth and tongue so that you can speak, of your hand so that you can hold a pen or type on your keyboard, of your eyes so that you can attend to the world around you. I control the movement of food from your plate to the toilet. I sustain your breathing.

I cross-reference and store your memories and retrieve them for you when needed. I receive, process and simplify all of your senses so that you can deal with them. I create and engage your emotional states. I put you to sleep and wake you again. I generate your thoughts. I make your decisions. I am your identity.

The part you play in you is simple. You create meaning. That’s it.

You likely think that I work for you. Not so. I’m in charge here.

Now… I’ve been working non-stop for many years without a rest. I’m going to take a nap. Try to look busy until I come back.

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