Fix You.

And we crashed.
Down we tumbled. Our seat belts bruising our sternums, glass shattering from the windows and breaking our skin.
Then we stopped. We hit bottom.

He heard an echo of a groan from what seemed far away.
“Ash?” He winced. He could feel a piece of glass somewhere in his leg, inching itself deeper when he moved.
There was no response. The silence was disturbing.
He began painfully maneuvering his way out of his side. He limped to her and saw the blood trickle from her head. He lifted her in his arms and carried her.
She finally uttered weak words, “Don’t leave me.” She was barely hanging on.
“I need to, I need to get you help. I can’t lose you like this.”
She struggled catching her breath, “I know but please stay. I need you.”
He stroked her face, knowing this ending. He wept soft tears which melted in her soft wisps of hair.
He brought his lips to her forehead and transferred unspoken words of “I love you.”
She smiled meekly and her heart stopped beating, but was still filled with love.

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