The Apprentice, re-write

Standing in a black dress, her body so tight he had to touch her beautiful skin, as he pulled her near, he could hear her heartbeat. It’s been years since he felt warmth of another body. She was so young, it was so wrong.
Just then she told him she loved him,
“Fuck it!” he thought.
She got on top of him, kissing from his neck to inner thigh, positioning herself carefully knowing just where to hit with instant gratification.
As his cold belt buckle pressed against her thigh. She had given herself to him as he watched her nipples harden.
Pulling off, dripping wet, working her way from the shaft to the head with her tongue excitement overtook him. Lustfully gripping tighter, sending tingling sensations as every vellus hair on her came into contact with him igniting sparks.

Looking into her eyes he felt passion for the first time. Losing all consciousness taken by the moment. He could die happy-She knew it, grinning back at him. She did things that day he didn’t think a woman her age would, his wife never did.

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