Josh stared, a lot. A deer caught in headlights looked asleep compared to his stare. Professionals tried to explain it to him, but they became frustrated, they didn’t know if he was listening or not. He wasn’t.

Josh stamped his feet in the snow and blew into his cupped hands. She’s not blond, he said to himself. He gave one more peek into the Cafe’s window to get one more look at her, and there she was, reaching for the door. It was too icy to run so he stood, looking defeated.

“Josh, I’m Katie, are you going to come in or not?”

Josh entered the doorway and noticed Katie had a white stick in her hand. He started laughing, hard. “You’re ‘a blind’, not ‘a blond’. Wait, I mean…” He heard her laughing too at his blunder, so he decided to own it.

Over a burger and fries, he asked her: “How did you know I was outside?”

“I could feel your stare” She revealed. “And you’re a blond. I’ve heard about crazy blonds.”

That was the second time Josh laughed harder than he ever had, his eyes blurred by mirth.

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