The Promise 2

He took me to this field we had often played in as children, where we shared our innermost secrets, where we watched meteor shower in the dead of winter, so of course this would be where he took me. He sat me down, and promised his undying love to me and he gave me the first kiss we would have ever shared. It was perfection. He told me to meet him here tonight, at midnight.

Of course, I would have done anything he asked. Even before his heartfelt promise, and kiss, that still lingered on my young lips. So, at midnight I whispered to him. “James, you here?” No response. He always got here before me, and I felt a twinge of concern, but no, he promised me, and he never breaks his promises.

I fell asleep on the blanket I brought, thinking he would wake me up when he got there, but I woke up underneath our willow tree, alone. Again, that twinge of concern flared up in my heart. This time I couldn’t convince it to go away.

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