Only Skin Deep.

“Hey, you’re the new guy? I’m Lucas.” He held his hand out politely.
He took it with gratitude, “Colton. Is it that obvious?”
Luke shrugged, “We students smell fear. Not to worry, how do you like the school?”
“Better now that someone’s talked to me.”
“Nobody’s has?”
Colton shook his head.
He chuckled, “Well, end of the day. I’m heading home, wanna come?”

2:30, they arrived shortly at his house, it was a nice neighborhood.
“I’m pretty glad I met you today. I could use a friend.”
Before Luke could respond his mother opened the door. She froze. “Luke, may I talk to you?”
She pulled him in, “Sweetie are you okay?!” She pat him down and scoured his face and body.
“What the hell? Yeah, I’m fine.”
“Who is that boy outside?!”
“He’s a friend I made at school.”
“No! You can’t be friends with him!”
“Why?!” Then he realized what she was saying. Colton had darker skin, much darker than his. “You’re unbelievable.” He walked out of the house, told Colton to get back in the car, and drove away; ashamed he looked back.

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