Don't worry about it...

Don’t worry about it.
famous last words.
The kind that should stay
unsaid and unheard.

He threw the rock
it went far and high,
he watched as it flew
towards the sun, in the sky.

Then, like magic, it seemed,
a bright thread of light
fell from the heavens,
hot and white.

Is that, she said,
no, it can’t be.
Well, I suppose it could…
just, possibly?

People started to notice,
all over the world.
News hubs were busy,
as the story unfurled.

A rock hits the sun
One headline read
Sunlight for all-
either good, or we’re dead!

There was no need to panic,
It turned out for the best.
Soon most people forgot,
But not the rest.

Imagine the stories
we’ll tell at bedtime.
We were alive when the sky
was dripping sunshine!!

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