The Fire Brigade pt.3

Thumbs slowly turned to go back the way he’d come and froze again at the sound of several armoured footsteps coming down the alley.
“Oh, you swivel eyed fuckers!” He muttered under his breath, “Why now?” He looked around frantically and saw a winch beam poking out from under the eaves of the building to his left. He glanced into the courtyard to see the man still occupied with lighting his stubborn cigar, coiled his long legs, and leapt. He hit the thick wooden bar hard, biting down on an explosion of breath and scrabbled up onto the beam to huddle in the shadows as the man below looked around for the source of the noise. A hard rap on the gate and a shouted command to “Open in the name of The Solemn League!” gave him the opportunity to haul himself up onto the tiled roof and lay flat along the ridge as the guard, cigar finally lit, quickly unbarred the gate to let in five mailed and helmeted soldiers.

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