One Thing Leads to Another

Although Gretch and I wanted to search every person’s fingers who was in a five mile radius, our boss decided that it’d be best to use that information to narrow down results so we didn’t accidently capture the wrong guy.

Gretchen was more furious than I. She had a very soft spot for victims of power torture; Gretchen had a bad history with abuse of power. Her powers were discovered early in her life and just as quickly, people took notice. She didn’t like to talk about it; I never even really knew the whole story. Gretchen and I did have that in common, though, which is probably what bonded us so tightly.

On the plane back to the nearest headquarters, Gretchen was unusually quiet.

“What’s wrong?” I asked. She took a second before realizing I was speaking to her.

“Nothing, I was just thinking. Going over in my head; trying to disocver why this man with three fingers is so malicious.”

“I don’t know either. Audio-Guy is fine, though.”

“Hopefully he has answers,” Gretchen was ready to interrogate him.

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