So the Son Cries

His heart pounded with excitement & fear. After today his life would be forever changed and he’d be damned if he missed the main event. Many months of waiting had all lead up to this moment. It just had to be the day he took his newly restored 1960’s El Camino out for a joy ride! At least he had brought his cell with him.

His mind was racing so he was too distracted to notice the boy on his bicycle wobble out onto the road until it was too late to stop. So, he swerved without slowing and missed the boy but was too late to brake for the corner. He slammed on the brakes and felt the pit of his stomach drop out as two little faces went flying past his window after the sickening thuds.

His bride in white, her laugh over a burger and fries, her smile at him in psych 101, his mother clapping at graduation, his boyhood dog and his scraped knee at 6. Then he was back in the present with blood dripping in his eyes and glass in his skin.

His new born son cried his first breath as his father took his final one.

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