Mama said

My mama once told me I aint got nothin to fear but God’s wrath himself an so I went out believin just that. She said that kinda wrath comes in the form of punishment. My sins an what not. Well bein a youngin I went to try an test this out. I got one of em cap guns and put it up a cat’s behind an fired an it screeched an meowed like a howlin wolf before sprintin off an leavin me in tears. Well I aint never got none of God’s wrath for doin that so I kept goin. Blowin up squirrels, takin fish out of water an watchin em drown in air. I got a pup once. Threw him off a cliff. He was alive for a little while in his little furry body but he stopped twitchin eventually. It turns out God aint watchin over me at all. He don’t got no idea of what I done an as long as no one sees me do summat I aint got no need to worry. I can do what I please.

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