Brought To Light

Rose stomped toward the window, leaned against the wall, and let out a discontented sigh. We had been sitting in that dank room for nearly four hours.

“I just don’t understand it!” she shouted. “Julia wouldn’t just run off without telling anyone.”

“Well then what happened? You think she was kidnapped?” Katherine scoffed. “The entire campus is surrounded by walls and guards. The school’s on an island for god’s sake!”

Jeremy stared blankly down at his desk, his eyes dull from behind his glasses. “No one has ever been able to break in before. Katherine’s right, she must have run away.”

“What if someone already on campus took her?” Elise spoke up, her eyes wide with fear.

Rose gave a sigh and turned to open the curtains.

Sunshine fell down upon my desk and hit my hands before I could move them. I screamed in agony as I pulled away from the light. The mere seconds of exposure left open wounds. It had eaten through my flesh like drops of acid.

I looked up to see that everyone was now staring at me.

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