Witch's Valley pt 2

“Witch’s Valley is bullshit, Ezekial, and you know it!”
“I know no such a thang, boy! You best just let it drop.” Zeke piloted the boat toward the town-docks while Harry tied a rope to the mooring.
“It’s Friday night Zeke, and there’s a full moon tonight. We’ll fetch Bill and Jack, a few beers and a drive to Witch’s Valley. Whaddya say?”
“I say, you white folk have too much gaddamn time on yo’ hands. that’s what i say!” Zeke waved an incriminating finger at his friend.
“C’mon, Zeke. No one knows that place better than you. you grew up near there!”
“That’s right. No one knows better than me. So I say, best not to go at all!”
“We’re goin’!” Harry laughed, “I’ll see you tonight!”
“Ya,” Zeke muttered under his breath, “I’ll see your fool self tonight, crazy sonofabitch!”

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