Timeless Life

On what letter will you believe?
On what syl~la~ble will you retrieve
The fact that you’ll inevitably leave?

That all of your free will
Is as irretrievable
As that last
Second that just passed.

Life happens that fast.

Fast as you read.
Faster even than cuts bleed.

Fractions of time climb
The foundation of memories

Please more.
More, please.


Mounting ever taller.
Time is counting; each increment of it can be spliced ever smaller.

Like a rising peak.

So thin it must be,
This sizing of infinity,

In flight,
Incredibly high,
Increasing in height,
Until invisibly, you and I
Are small but all right.

We always are, alright?
And we will be not: done

Like strands of starlight
Simmer, cooling, a glimmer unspooling from the hot sun

A thinner, dimmer, splinter of light
Imbedding the darkness with life

Each instance prints
An indelible existence
In the past tense
What was,
Will always have

Precise, light, lean
In time we’ll be there,
Just at some times, unseen.

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