The Record Keeper

Why do you want to know about the princess?

I see, the usual. You better tell me your name then, it’ll be on the record.

What, you think the world’s short on heroes? How foolish. There’s a reason why all of you world-trekkers are directed to me. I have no family, no one to miss me. I am the only one allowed to lead you to the monster on the other side of the tunnel.

You see, Mabel’s brother tried to help their parents by hiring himself out as a temporary mercenary of sorts. She still gets upset if you mention his death.

Before we proceed, you’re going to have to pay up; 200 gold. Don’t be stingy, there’s bounty to be had.

Alright, so the monster holding her seems to be fond of darjeeling tea. Don’t look at me like that. The horrible warbling stops with a weekly tithe. You’ll also have to get your armor checked by the town blacksmith. We wouldn’t want you to have chinks in your defense. You’ll be staying at the Inn, of course, to get well-rested.

Everyone in this town loves the princess dearly.

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