Rock The Boat

“Do you like being wrong?” Claud said with as little disdain as he could muster. His eyes stayed focused on the woman in front of him. His breathing was calm and monotonous. The few feet of air in between the two became a vast ether. Her eyes widened instantly as her breathing became labored, then they slimmed down to two narrow slits reservedly assessing this purveyor of opposition. His words were no accident, but meticulously chosen for the fullest effect in order to stir this woman’s ego into a frenzy.

He zeroed in on his target and said without remorse,“Your continued ability to underestimate people must really be frustrating." A slender smile cornered on his mouth,"Do you ever think to yourself that you go about things in the wrong way? I mean, for how old you are, you must have come across this dilemma several times in your worthless life.” The words came forth with a relentless flourish from the guise of his charm.

The shattered eyes of this woman was all he needed to know the seed had been planted.

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