12:28:37.12pm pt.2

Blake walked into the marketplace and glanced around nervously. It was here somewhere, he was sure. His earpiece crackled to life.

“Have you found it?”

“No, no, but I’m close, very close. It’s here somewhere, I can tell.”

“Hurry, we’re almost out of time.”

The voice vanished in a haze of static.
Blake’s pace quickened. He wasn’t sure what he was looking for; something, anything out of the ordinary. Then he saw it, a man, trying very hard not to be seen, disappeared into an ally carrying a duffel bag. Blake made his move and dashed towards the alley. So focused was he, that he failed to notice the old woman that he Knocked over. he turned into the alley, pulled out his gun and started shouting. The man in the alley dropped his duffel bag, which spilled its contents onto the ground. Blake looked down at the pile of stolen DVDs and swore. A voice came from his earpiece.

“Radiation spike. . . too late.”


From behind him, there was a hiss, a scream, a thunderous roar, and darkness.

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