12:28:37.12pm pt.3

Meneghel leisurely wandered into the marketplace, he had plenty of time. suitcase he was carrying must have weighed at least 60lbs, but to him it felt weightless. Meneghel started to think. Oh, how things had changed since the day, nearly six months ago, that he had been approached in the alley outside the pub. Now, in less than a day, he was going to be rich beyond his wildest dreams. Yes some people would be killed but it was so much money. So many people, so much money. Maybe it was best not to think. Meneghel glanced at his watch and quickened his pace, he didn’t have as much time as he thought. Off in the distance he heard a commotion but he didn’t stop to look. None of it mattered now. Distracted momentarily, Meneghel ran tripped over the sidewalk and dropped his case. It burst open. Meneghel stared in horror at the innocuous looking digital display in the center of the device.


There was no more time.


There was a hiss, a scream, a thunderous roar, and darkness.

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