On Patrol: Melee

I certainly wasn’t going to make it with half a pocketful of revolver bullets, so I seized a lightning-gun from a nearby locker. I preferred a good self-loading rifle, but lightning was less likely to make inconvenient holes in the ship.

I gave the first bat a long pull of the trigger, connecting us with crackling lines of energy. The second was stunned but not stopped by the first shot – and the lightning-gun gave out on me. Stupid piece of exotic technologia… my mind instantly raced through possible options as it took a swing at me with silvered claws.

The fastest weapon to draw, as it happened, was my Krillman wrench. The brass-plated sparkproof handguard deflected the blow and I pressed the advantage, smashing it with two heavy blows. I finished it with my revolver – which I was rapidly running out of bullets for – and picked up the lightning-gun again.

It seemed fine. Technomancy – it’d look good until you really needed it. Typical.

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