Jaspers Bunnies-kid poem-PART 1

This is a special story
For a special tot,
About all of her likes
And the furry creatures she’s got,
Her name is Jasper
And she’s as sweet as honey,
She cares for many,
Many bunnies.
Brown, white, or blue
Splotchy, dotty or gray,
She loves all her bunnies
And plays with them every day.
But she loves one the best
One who is golden yellow,
That bunny’s name is Pat
And he’s quite a handsome fellow.
One day Jasper had to move
To a house down the street,
She packed up all her bunnies
And gave them all a treat,
But as she counted them up
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6…
She found, oh no!
Pat has gone amiss!

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