“I am the queen and you are all my peasants!” she yelled motioning to an empty spot in the yard. From atop her play set she could see her whole kingdom. “What a view! And I am ruler of it all!”
Then out of the corner of her eye she spied something a flutter.
She turned to see the most beautiful butterfly she had ever seen.
Mesmerized she slid down the slide and ran over to where the butterfly was perched, never once taking her eyes off of it.
But startled, the butterfly flew across the yard, “No! Come back!” she beckoned.
But every attempt she made to get a close look only made the butterfly move further away.
Now the butterfly rested at the entrance to the forest, “I can catch it! I can!” she cried.
Again and again she missed the butterfly by the smallest bit. And then as it sat balancing on a flower, Goldilocks slowly crept up behind it and at the opportune moment quickly grabbed at the butterfly.

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