Goldilocks peeled apart her hands to view her prize but nothing was there. And the butterfly fluttering above her flew quickly away.
“Gah! It disappeared!”
Now Goldilocks felt her stomach rumble, “I’m quite far down this path aren’t I…” she peered down the way she came but all that she could see were dark tall trees.
“But I’m too hungry to walk all the way home!”
As she sat at the paths edge and pondered what to do a delicious scent swirled into her nose.
“Is…Is that…PORRIDGE?” Then sitting up she could see a glimpse of a cabin.
“That must be where that smell is coming from,” she thought as she stood up. “I wonder if they’d share with me?”
Meanwhile the family that lived in that cabin departed on a morning walk to let their porridge cool.
“What a lovely day this is!” Said Momma bear. “It will be lovelier once our porridge cools.” Baby bear said. And Momma bear and Papa bear both growled in agreement.

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