Goldilocks looked up at the bright red wooden door that towered over her and pressed the doorbell.
“DINGDONG” it rang. She waited, “DINGDONG” it rang again.
“Maybe they can’t hear it,” She thought, and knocked on the door. And to her surprise it creaked open.
The first thing she saw was a high table and three steaming bowls. “Oh, I’m so hungry! I’ll just take one small spoonful…”
She stood on top of the chair at the head of the table and just barely was able to reach the table top.
She scooped a heaping spoonful in to her mouth, “What? Prunes! Blah!” she cried and hoped off the chair.
“Now this looks good!” she said as she peered into the next bowl. It was piled with wild berries and generously sprinkled with sugar. Again she scooped a large spoonful in to her mouth, “Ah! That is much too sweet. There’s more sugar here then porridge!”

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