Finally she patted the seat of the smallest chair. “This is just right!” she thought.
But as she plopped herself down onto the chairs tiny legs creaked and moaned and snapped right in two!
“Well I can’t believe it!” Goldilocks leaped off the wreckage and starred at it in dismay.
“I’m much too tired to deal with this right now. I’ll find somewhere to rest and then I’ll come back to see to this.” And with that she wandered in to the next room.
Against the wall were three beds evenly set a part. One large bed, one medium bed, and one small bed.
The first bed was covered by an itchy wool blanket which was not at all suited for a little girl like Goldilocks. The second bed was so soft that she could feel herself sinking in. Lastly she tried out the smallest bed. It was not too itchy or too hard or too soft or too anything, it was just right.

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