GOLDILOCK-kid story-PART 8

Papa bear looked down at the rumpled blankets scattered across his bed.
“Someone’s been in here for sure.”
Mama Bear huffed as she tried to straighten up her pillows, “They’ve been here as well!”
“Well someone was in my bed too, and their still there!”
All three bears hovered around Baby bears bed and looked down in surprise at what they saw.
Why, it was a little girl!
“What should we do?” Mama bear asked Papa bear.
“Can I keep it?” Baby bear asked and was answered by his mother’s glare.
But before Papa bear had the chance to answer, Goldilocks began to stir and blink the sleep out of her eyes.
Goldilocks’ heart stood still as her eyesight became clear.
“Am I still dreaming?” She asked herself. But as she began to realize where she was she grew stiff and still.

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