“Does your mother know where you are?” Mama bear piped up and Goldilocks shook her head.
“Does your father know where you are?” Papa bear asked and she again shook her head.
“You broke my chair!” Baby bear wailed and little Goldilocks looked up at each of their furry frowning faces and her eyes began to glisten with tears.
“I…I’m sorry,” She whimpered and pulled the blanket up close against her like a shield.
“I was so hungry and tired. I didn’t mean to.”
Papa bear sighed and everyone looked up at him in anticipation.
“It would have broken sooner or later I suppose” he grumbled.
“Could I do something…to make it up to you all?” she asked. And they all looked down at her and her bright golden locks.
Her Golden hair was the trade mark of the Goldilocks family and still is.
“If we had gold we could buy a brand new chair.” Mama bear suggested.
“Yes, give us your hair and all is settled.”

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