Cant i wash you away
Your the grim in the glass
You’ve been there for days
I wash with salty waves
And lemon drops
I’ll scrub my mind
Until you stop
Being greasy sticky debris
Smearing the pages of my sanity
Stomachs turning inside out
And my mouth swelling with puss
My blood is boiling over
And tear ducts turn to dust
the air is getting thicker
I’m pounding on the ground
I cant help but hear you
Cause ears dont make a sound
they just listen, just listen
I’m telling you now because I’m not sure that you know
Your irragant idle speech
Is dripping with charm
Who knew a bottle of bleach
Could cause man any harm
As the walls disinagrate
Flames eat at charred flesh
My innards rot as you talk at me
Onesided and selfish
Wont you listen
I loved you
And you threw it away
cant tears consol you
Paralyze your worries
Throw it all away
Listen just listen
Listen just listen
Listen just listen

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