The New Generation

Sipping a steaming cup of espresso and stretching his legs out under the table, the elderly man unfolds his morning newspaper with a snap. But after a few moments, he refolds the paper with a sigh.
“What paper were you reading?” the bartender smiles.
“Eh, nothing special. Vengeance! plague! death! confusion! That’s all these modern papers cover anymore. What ever happened to real reporting?” he grumbled.
“Surely there’s got to be a good interview in there somewhere,” the young man said.
“True, my good boy. But the majority of these articles are nonsense! The new industry is changing, and not for the better in my opinion,” he said as he shook his head. “All anyone ever whats these days is a tagline, a summary, no one wants to read a whole article. Too busy to read, too busy to appreciate good, solid writing.”
“Well, sir, you speak nobly. I’ll never look at a newspaper the same again,” the bartender said as he finished wiping down the counter.
“Ah well, I best be off. You, you, sirrah, where’s my daughter?”

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