Come at me
with your accusations,
with your negativity.
Facts will win.
Positivity will win.

Keep it up,
try to keep the attention away,
away from your lies and mistakes.
People will still see what you have done.
People will still remember.

Still wonder why I am happy?
Can’t really see past the negativity?
You are closed off to happiness.
A person who doesn’t try to see,
simply doesn’t deserve to.

You may think you have won,
that I may think of the one I love
as someone careless and useless.
The joke is surely on you.

A many thanks is appreciated.
You have shown me one thing,
to trust someone full of dark thoughts
is to trust a snake,
a snake that could bite and poison.

I choose happiness.
I choose love.
For the real winner
is the one that sees it all.

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