Fictomous Bolt

Bartimaeus started laughing from his helicopter as he tore through the Corporates. Just then Bartimaeus let out a really hysterical laugh as he called down, “Y’all look like midgets from up here!”

Band Baby shook her head, glancing up at him once more before Blusparrow pulled her into the saftey of the other aicraft.

“He’ll be fine, Sis” Blusparrow said sothingly as she wrapped her arms around me.

“It’s okay, Elizabeth L. Davis is up there with him.” Orange Oreos said, looking around the plane.

There were all the essentials laying around. Blusparrow and Band Baby were seated in two of the back passenger seats. Orange Oreos and Lone Writer took the two pilots chairs. As the piolets were getting the plane started, ElshaHawk and Alro ran on board huffing.

“So, anyone know what we should call this?” Lone Writer asked, “Because my vote is Fictomous Prime!”

“I say Ficly Bolt.” Elsha put in.

After several minutes Alro said, “How about Fictomous Bolt?”

We all nodded in agreement.

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