Thanks for the Memories

One day, my roommate didn’t return from his checkup. Stuck together for almost a year, and then suddenly all alone. Despite my current circumstances, nothing made me more aware of my own mortality than the day my roommate didn’t return. As I sat upright in my hospital bed, I could barely stop from crying. I look over at his gurney by the window and am nearly overcome with tears. I call the nurse over but quickly cover my face.

After she has moved my bed closer to the window, I hurridly sit up and reach for the blinds. I remember my friend’s descriptions of the world outside and, being stuck here for what little time I have left, want to look for myself. I remember the time he described a parade to me in vivid detail and I am nearly overcome with tears once more. When I lift the blinds, I am startled by a brick wall.

“Nurse, there must be some mistake. Where’s the window?”

“O honey, didnt’t you know?”she replies," Your roommate was blind, he told you stories to ease your mind."

Inwardly, I smile.

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