Catching Fire

Bill Jones was the epitome of metro-sexual, a young, good-looking, well-dressed, burgeoning therapist who heard what his patients were really saying as opposed to what they thought they were saying.

He lowered his stylish frames, wondering if his words would catch fire. “Alton, it sounds like you have an opportunity to grow and, in many ways, conquer your fears – the same fears that have been crippling you.”

Alton shot him a look that said, Why are you being so glib?

Bill recoiled and said, “Maybe you just need to change your thinking. Is it possible that you didn’t blackout? Is it possible that you applied for the job and just forgot about it? Some companies will hold on to resumes for as long as six months.”

“I guess it’s possible,” Alton muttered.

“Isn’t it also possible that you’ve been distracted since your wife left?”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“Besides if you’re gonna blackout,” Bill said, grinning. “there are far worse things you can do than apply for a job.”

Alton laughed. “That’s a good point.”

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