When I Let My Hands Talk

A writer will always write to an audience who might never see the words,

so in essence then a writer is always talking to themselves.

  • * * *
    Mmm, yes, the power of a writer. The ability to take someone’s focus and turn it whichever way, so long as you can do it in a discreet enough fashion, very much like a magic trick.

With two words I turn shadow to clarity.
I change rancid smells to sugar fragrance.
I can make you imagine the taste of cold strawberries on your tongue and have that feeling become the bitter warm cough syrup caught in your throat by the end of the same sentence.

Sometimes I just let my fingers do the talking for me. It is like they can see the white space, the blankness, and they do whatever it takes to fill it. I don’t even really look at what is being written anymore. Partly because I’d like to be surprised when they stop, and I peer down

partly because I can at least say that I didn’t really write any of it when my eyes finish scanning.

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