Waking Up

Cold. Dark. Naked.

What’s that smell? Death.

These freezers aren’t really much fun from the inside. Trouble is, I can’t open the door myself. It’s like those old fashioned refrigerators; kids would hide in them and then suffocate.

I always wondered if these were airtight.

Inventory: All of my fingers and toes seem to be working. No strong pain anywhere. No scarring on the sternum, that’s good. I haven’t been autopsied yet. Of course that could start any minute now. Or it could be hours away.

I hope Frank gets here soon. I hate waiting.

It was easier in the olden days, back in the 19th century, a corpse could lay around for days without being noticed. Of course when it got up and walked away some people stared.

The door clunked open and I was rolled out. “Hey, Frank.”

“Any luck?” the bald man inquired.

“Saw the guys face,” I put on the coat and hat he offered me. “Did you round up any evidence?”

“Some. He’ll be shocked to see you up and around.”

“They always are.” I smirked as we left the morgue.

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