We All Know What We'd Do...

It had all started seven hours ago. We arrived at the Black house to attend the party of Reginald Black, who was celebrating his trip into the heart of Africa. But shortly after our arrival, events took a sour turn. It’s been six hours since I found Reg’s body in the cellar.

The investigation lasted another hour. We investigated each other. Nobody thought to check the body to see how he died. Nobody knew what room he had been killed in, but we were all absolutely certain that it was not the cellar.

Three hours ago. Mustard had gathered us in the cellar to reveal the killer’s identity. That’s-

Green looked up from his memoirs as the knocking on the door grew louder. Looking back at Mustard he saw the grey tinge spreading from the wound. It would take him soon. Scarlet, Peacock and White retreated further into the corner. Plum leaned further into the piano. They were all doomed. Green took the six-slinger from his surplice. Six bullets. Just enough.

“I’m so sorry. I can’t let it happen. Not again.”

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