The Idea

I had been tracking it for days, following the trail of small disturbances in the fields of my thoughts. Here, a slightly twisted intent… there, a faint imprint in the fuzziness of my dreams. With each passing hour, I gained ground. It was running hard and I was so close.

Desperate, it doubled back through my stream of consciousness but the spreading ripples on the calm surface revealed its ruse. With a flash of bright color, it fled into the tangle of my identity.

It froze deep within the brambles, taking a momentary respite. As I waded in, it shot out the far side and I had my first clear glimpse of it. Oh, it was such a beautiful Idea, more so than I had hoped for! I wanted this one alive.

I struggled out of the tangle and pursued it into the copse of my memories. It dodged from recollection to reminiscence, denying me an opening. Suddenly, the Idea was in full flight across the uplands of my imagination, headed straight for my beliefs.

I would have only one shot at this. I cast my net on the run.

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