Presenting: PLEX 100

“You’ll wear out your shoes.”

Dr. Roberts bounced from foot to foot, twisting his notes in his hands, not facing the voice. He was too concerned with the crowd of scientists, researchers, and journalists waiting just beyond the curtain. He turned to face the woman admonishing him.

She frowned and adjusted his bright orange tie. She lifted the end of it in her hands. “This tie, huh?”

He slipped it from her fingers and tucked it back into his suit coat. “It’s lucky,” he glared.

“Good luck, big brother,” she whispered and hugged him. Unfortunately, this had the effect of making Lance’s nerves even worse.

Just then, the curtain sprang to life with the words, “Introducing Dr. Lance Roberts!” The suddenness froze him to the spot. Before he could think, Kymba shoved him into the spotlight.

Nothing. Then, a chuckle.

Somehow he made it to the podium, but his cards made no sense. He could only remember three words. He took a deep breath, bent close to the mic, and spoke those three words: “Presenting: PLEX 100.”

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