Alone in the Middle of a City

I lay in my bed in the early morning; 1:38 glares at me from the face of my alarm clock. My hands crossed behind my head, the ceiling hasn’t changed since I lay down. Thoughts run around and around my head, keeping me awake long after the rest of the world has gone to sleep. I sit up in bed and shake my head to clarity.

I walk over to my glass door and look out over the city-scape. I’m lucky in that regard at least, to have a good view. I sigh and watch the hypnotic dance of safety lights on the radio towers next to my apartment. Beyond them, moonlight wavers and beckons on the surface of Lake Michigan. A solitary police car wanders the empty streets far below, proof that I am not alone at this hour. A fellow night wanderer, so close yet so far away.

I step out onto my balconey and relish the feeling of cool air caressing my skin. As thoughts of loneliness and regret claw at my tired mind, I am struck by the beauty and stillness of a world not yet awake. Early mornings are the only time I am at peace.

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