You can’t sleep at night because there is no one in your bed. You lie awake and listen to your heart beat and wonder what keeps it from just stopping.

Claim whatever you want to believe: there is no God, there is no such thing as love… it does not change the desire for them to exist.

The red digits say 1:18am. Wasn’t it just midnight?

In and out of sleep. You wake up sometimes, and remember some of your dreams. They are easy to interpret, and that is annoying.

Leave your cocoon of blankets, regretting it will leak heat. Arch your feet while you aim for the toilet because the floor is cold.

Back into a bed too large for one person, and you are not surprised no one welcomes you.

If you are honest with yourself, you know you’re missing a concept, not a person. Did it really matter if they had names? You needed your space. You needed your alone time. You needed them so badly until you didn’t.

Adjust your pillows to elevate your head, and hope that one simple fix changes everything.

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